Introducing the concept

Kinesiology is a verification tool – nothing more, nothing less. The word is derived from the original Greek words “kinein” meaning to move and “aisthesis” meaning perception.

Human beings are self-regulating and programmed to heal themselves. Sometimes, however, blockages or breakages occur in these adaptive, cybernetic loops and it is here that the use of Kinesiology as verification tool is invaluable. Through Kinesiology it is possible to establish the cause of the imbalance and how the person is maintaining it. By moving perception from a non-profitable one into a state of balance, well-being, ease and good quality of life become available again.

Using the intrinsic, scientific functioning of muscles and neurology, a Kinesiology facilitator works neither with “right” or “wrong”, nor with “good” or “bad”, but identifies adverse stressors and blockages within a person’s adapt-ability and employs various techniques to re-establish balance where previously imbalance, dis-ease and dis-comfort existed.