Principles of Recuperation (P of R) Level 2 of Neuro-training

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In this level 2 NT (Neuro-training) workshop, you will learn the context of recuperation from the biggest picture. You are introduced to the MODEL OF UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES and are shown how all aspects of Specialised Kinesiology, as well as other complementary modalities, can be put together into one easily workable system for the highest good of our clients.

Covered in this workshop are:

  • Understanding of the workings of the Model of Universal Principles
  • Laws of Recuperation
  • Hering’s Laws of Cure
  • Process of Re/de-generation
  • What a “Recuperation Process” (healing crisis) is and what to do about it
  • How SUPPRESSION contributes to the manifesting of ill-being
  • The resulting inability to recuperate and what to do about this
  • Gamma I and Gamma II Checking
  • Time references
  • Elements of Man

This is a challenging and very rewarding workshop.

Pre-requisites: ASONT.
Credits: 28hrs (4days)
03-06 October 2024, Hout Bay.
05-08 September 2024, Atlasville.
Cost: R 4 994.00 (Includes manuals, teas, and royalties)
Jenni Halkett – Western Cape
Bianka Schulz Wasserman – Gauteng