Integration (Level 5 of Neuro-training)

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After achieving the basic understanding of ASONT, P.R, Blueprint 1&2 and Innate Intelligence, now comes the last of the Neuro-Training workshops for the Certification level.

This workshop covers many new facets such as:

  • cranial work,
  • the different sub-categories under the context of Integration in the Context List of ASONT, including “unfinished business”, “dichotomy”, “relationship consequences”, “assumptions” and more.
  • A unique and expanded way of addressing chakra’s
  • New references for meridians
  • Emotional Acupuncture points, and more………

A thoroughly enjoyable workshop for Integrating and learning how to apply all the techniques and concepts toward building a strong foundation for the use of any Neuro-Training Practice.

Become the artist

Date: Not in 2024
Pre-requisites: ASONT, P.R, (preferably BP 1&2),  Innate Intelligence