Innate Intelligence (Level 4 of Neuro-training)

11_2019 INNATE

This workshop (level 4 of Neuro-training) builds on the information from ASONT and P.R in a very congruent and empowering way.

Covered in this 4-day workshop are:

  • The 9 intelligence
  • Stress receptors of the head, hand reflexes
  • NEW neuro-vascular points
  • 9 phases of muscle checking
  • Acupuncture points for the Laws of Cure (recuperation)
  • Hypertonics
  • And much, much more…….

Pre-requisites: ASONT and PoR.
Credits: 28hrs (4 days)
Cost:  R4994.00 (includes teas, manuals and royalties)
Date:  Sadly not in 2024
Instructor: Jenni Halkett