Emotional Kinesiology I & II

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Compiled and written by Gudrun Lauterbach, reviewed and edited by Andrew Verity, Director of Neuro-Training (Pty) Ltd, these workshops address the EMOTIONAL CONTEXTS using the Model of Universal Principles as basis. Emotions are classified as “energy in motion”, ie E-motion.  It is a known fact that 80% of all dis-ease is emotional by cause. As Andrew so aptly says: “What we still REACT to, we have not RECUPERATED from”.

These workshops focus on causes and techniques to help us, and our clients, get back on the road to recovery.


Emotional Kinesiology 1

In Emotional Kinesiology 1 we make use of :

  • Various lists of Emotions and the Universal barometer to accurately identify which emotion(s) are creating or influencing areas of concern
  • Emphasis on understanding the brain and which areas are responsible for which functions and how we react under stress
  • Development of our lateral thinking abilities
  • to successfully approach and deal with Specific Age Recessions
  • To use Flower Essence

And many other tools to identify correctly the context in which the dis-ease is created and maintained.
Pre-requisites: TFH 1 & 2
Credits: 14hrs (2 days)
Cost: R 2 483.00 (includes manuals, teas)
03-04 August 2024, Hout Bay
18-19 May 2024, Atlasville
Jenni Halkett  – Western Cape
Bianka Schulz Wasserman – Gauteng

Emotional Kinesiology 2 – Sadly not in 2024

In Emotional Kinesiology II we take the knowledge and information gained in workshop 1 to a deeper level.
Covered in this workshop are:

  • 5 Element emotions and personalities
  • Enneagram personalities
  • Heirarchy of Needs Barometer ©
  • Emotional aspects of the different Miasms
  • Eye modes
  • Finger modes
  • The different energy bodies
  • Applied Personology
  • Compulsive Behaviours and more………

Pre-requisites: ASONT, PoR and EK 1.
Credits: 28hrs (4 days)
Instructor: Jenni Halkett / Biank Schulz Wasserman