Blueprint Series

This series of 4 workshops is aimed at clearing away restrictive, inherited patterns that influence our personal and professional behaviours. It is these inherited mental, emotional, physical and behavioural patterns that inhibit us from living the lives we were born to live.

In Blueprint One (level 3 of NT) – 22-25 November 2024, Atlasville, Gauteng

You will learn:

  • The use of cheirology as a landmark to connect the conscious with the subconscious.
  • Learn, balance and integrate the 9 priority Brain Functions – the beginnings of realizing your true potential
  • Learned Helplessness – move yourself out of victim status and open up to the possibilities of your positive genetic traits and talents.
  • Timeline – make time work for you
  • Addressing the Fear Spiral…and more…

Date: 22 – 25 November 2024 in Atlasville, Gauteng
Credits: 28hrs (4 days)
Cost: R4994.00( includes manuals, teas and royalties)
Instructor: Jenni Halkett

In Blueprint Two (level 3 of NT) – 28 November – 01 December 2024, Atlasville, Gauteng

We continue expanding on the mental aspects, working with, and clearing, the limiting aspects of our genetic influences.

    • Clearing the psychological structure of doubt and inherited doubt.
    • Learning more about inherited patterns of illness
    • Increasing our genetic energy
    • Re-learning our ability to use our deep-states

Date: 28 November – 01 December 2024 – Atlasville, Gauteng.
Pre-requisite: Blueprint One
Credits: 28hrs (4 days)
Cost: R3860 (includes manuals, teas and royalties)
Instructor: Jenni Halkett

Blueprint Synopsis and Blueprint Three are taught by Kyra Gaasbeek of the Netherlands, and are only offered when she is available, and not busy teaching in Europe.  It won’t be happening in 2024
In these workshops you will expand even further on the mental aspects, learning to actively use your natural abilities of deep states, metaphors, time and space and energy at a deeper level.

In Blueprint Synopsis:
The qualities that influence the use of Deep States are determined by the way we survive life.  In our society, which is by nature survivalistic, we learn how to survive in many ways.  it is possible to use Deep States as a survival technique.  This limits our ability to use Deep States in other ways which may help us to achieve the things we really want.
At the end of our lives do we want to say “I survived” or “I lived”?
In this workshop we

  • explore the difference between Ericksonian approach vs the Traditional approach to Deep States, and learn the “language” of Deep States.
  • Learn how to clear the Dominant Laws of Deep States and Deep State patterns.
  • Learn the Application of Deep States to help you feel more comfortable using it within your Practice.

Pre-requisites: Blueprint One & Two
Credits: 14 workshop hours (2 days)
Cost: TBC (International Instructor)
Instructor: Kyra Gaasbeek

In Blueprint Three:
How do you create your reality?
Your brain is an active explorer, not a passive receiver!
At the end of the Blueprint Three journey, you will have a new view of the mind and what it means to be human.  A view that challenges the foundations of traditional thought with a radical view of conventional ideas about reason, emotion, and who we are.

In this workshop we

  • Gain a new perspective on the Barometric Relationship to the Deep States Levels
  • Gain access to the Power Symbols (Tao te Ching)
  • Learn about Co-dependancy and are exposed to corrective exercises for it
  • Learn more Cheirology
  • Learn about your Metaphoric Self
  • Learn more Better Neurological Options as well as Associated Corrections
  • Find out more about your Personal barometer (5-pointed star)
  • and much more…..

Pre-requisites: Blueprint Synopsis
Credits: 28 workshop hours (4 days)
Cost: TBC (International Instructor)
Instructor: Kyra Gaasbeek

The Blueprint Series is truly an incredible journey of self discovery and the greatest GIFT you can give to yourself